New mobile platform Formulr is set to transform an entire industry by providing one place to connect with the world of motorsport, a first in the sport’s 122-year history.

Having worked with several key stakeholders such as Volkswagen Motorsport, FIA World Rally Championship, Honda Racing and Toyota Motorsport, Formulr helps users to search and discover any championship, team, driver, rider, circuit and manufacturer in the world. Fans and the industry can see what profiles are racing in each event and interact with posts, videos and articles.

By creating profiles for every event and entrant from the beginning of motorsport in 1894, Formulr will also enable the motorsport community to curate its rich history. Users can simply tag posts with the relevant event or profile forming a digital archive.

Frustrated by the difficulty of finding information fast within motorsport, 30-year-old former racing driver, CEO and Co-Founder Ash Bettridge, was inspired by his passion for technology to create a platform that would help evolve the industry.

“The future is mobile and with consumers already having an abundance of choice for entertainment, industries that are yet to put mobile first risk falling behind.”

Motorsport has been around long before the invention of the internet. With hundreds of championships being individually promoted, the industry has become fragmented throughout the web.

“The industry faces issues with connectivity, design and mobile, offering users an inconsistent experience making it an increasingly tough challenge to attract a new younger audience.”

“We want to empower the motorsport community to come together, streamline its information and provide one of the best user experiences in the world to make users’ online lives easier.”

By making the industry more accessible with a dedicated platform, Formulr hopes to drive a new era of growth and productivity.

Formulr is set to launch this month free on iOS and Android.




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